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Here at Limitless, we understand the need for more power; we all know Harleys lack that grunt from the factory.

So for those who need it, we have multiple performance upgrades to suit all riders, from Stage1 tunes to bespoke power packages, giving your Harley Davidson the power it deserves


With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves as one of the most experienced shops in the UK, we know all things power and how to pull maximum power from your Harley Davidson no matter what the size.


Below are some off-the-shelf options we offer for the more popular bikes in the UK, M8 Softails and Sportsers, 

**Please note we also offer engine builds for ALL HD models and can quote the phone or email**



No compromising with this kit when it comes to wanting more power from your beloved Sportster the S&S Hooligan kits for 2000-’21 Harley-Davidson ® Sportster ® models will give you an edge on the competition. Boost that 888 to 1200 and 1200 to 1250cc. Bolt on big bore kits means easy installation with no machining and no rebalancing. S&S bolt-in cams and Precision Tappets make the most of the added displacement.

  • Up to 85 horsepower with S&S intake & exhaust

  • Easy installation – Bolt-on parts – no machining, no rebalancing

  • Increase 1200cc engines to 1250cc

  • Use stock heads, pushrods, and fuel system

  • Includes 482 cams

  • Available in wrinkle black that matches the stock finish

Kit only Price = £1169.00 + VAT 

Fitting = £550 + VAT

Tuning - £250

Possible extras to add if not currently fitted

Exhaust System

High-flow air filter 

High flow Injectors 

Upgraded Spark leads

Upgraded Spark Plugs

Engine Blackout

107ci to 124ci and 114 to 128ci POWER PACKAGES

The S&S Power Package is the ideal kit for boosting the performance of any M8 engine. The kit comes complete with everything you need from Barrels and Pistons in the standard equipment to the lengthy list below in the ultimate POWER PACKAGE. With a very noticeable increase in power, these kits really do pack a punch in performance putting a smile on your face every time you pull back on that throttle. 

  • Wrinkle Black Finish

  • Available With or Without Fin Highlighting

  • Bolt-On Kit — No Case Machining Required

  • 4.250" Bore

  • Forged Pistons

  • 11.1 Compression Ratio

Oil Pump/Cam Plate:

  • Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum

  • Passage Plugs are Removable for Servicing

  • Independent Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity & Cam Chest

  • Debris Screens in Both Scavenge Pickups

  • Magnet in Cam Chest to Help to Stop Debris from Entering Oil Pump

  • Increased Flow Capacity on Both Feed & Scavenge Side

  • The pressure Relief Valve is Adjustable with the Unit Installed in the Engine


  • Quickee Pushrods

  • Chrome or Gloss Black Pushrod Tubes Available


  • S&S Precision Tappets

Tappet Cuffs:

  • Hard Anodized Black Coating

  • Billet Aluminum Construction

  • Stronger than Stock Material Eliminates Distortion

  • Improve Tappet Stability in High Lift & High rpm Situations


  • S&S 550 Cam- Designed for Big Bore Applications

  • Available in Both Gear Drive & Chain Drive Variations

  • Gear Drive Kits Provide Improved Cam Timing Accuracy & Eliminate Stock Chain Tensioner

  • Gear Drive Kits Include Outer Drive Gears

Valve Springs:

  • High-Performance Conical Single Wire Spring

  • Includes Top Collars, Keepers, & Valve Seals/Bottom Collars

POWER PACKAGE Kit only- £3250 +Vat 

Fitting - £1300 + Vat


Tuning by Rolling Road 550 + Vat

Tuning by Techno £250 + Vat



64mm Throttle body 

wide range of injectors 

Air Filters 

Exhaust Systems 

Larger Cams

Engine Blackout 

**Ask for pricing**

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